Absorb 3-5 times more.


Fully flavored.


Optimized digestion and absorption.

What is io®?

Ingredient Optimized® is a biotechnology company with a primary focus on enhancing protein quality and overall nutrition through the utilization of advanced Ingredient Optimized® technology. Their portfolio features a selection of clinically researched proprietary proteins, designed to provide superior protein absorption, improved performance outcomes, reduced digestive discomfort, and an enhanced taste experience when compared to standard protein isolates.

How does it work?

We harness the power of non-thermal atmospheric plasma to transform ingredient structures, empowering your body's digestive enzymes to perform at their best.

We've unlocked the secret to enhancing protein efficiency. Introducing ioProtein's™ – they're not just better; they're 3-5 times more bioavailable and absorbed more effectively than unaltered proteins.

Experience the science of optimization. Choose Ingredient Optimized® for superior performance, unbeatable bioavailability, and a healthier you.

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